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    With the rise of the Industry 4.0 “smart factory”, visual intelligence will expand into new applications, and quickly becomes critical aspect of various manufacturing processes.

    Industry 4.0

    Quantasoft A.I. Video Inspections

    Quantasoft Video Inspection and Quality Check system is cost-effective and capable vision technology based on our innovative approach including Deep Learning methods like 3D Boxes as CNN, capability to provide inspections, product quality checks as well as audit of manufacturing and operating processes in various industry sectors.

    Industry 4.0


    Automated Visual Inspection for the final products or individual components prior to the assembly while detecting defective parts with the objective to generate new operational efficiencies and costs savings.

    Industry 4.0


    Automated Quality assurance solution can detect tiny scratches, dents, hairline cracks, etc. which are not visible to the naked eye and are human resources intensive. Detected damages can thus be removed automatically and in a timely fashion, before they proceed further in the process chain.

    Industry 4.0


    Quantasoft 3D Pose Estimation technology is a very effective way to run Cyber-physical transformation of manual process on the production lines with the ultimate result in the form of fully digitalised outputs for process optimisation.

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